G!RO Development Rides

Build confidence on the bike with G!RO

We believe, sharing the roads is the biggest challenge we face here in the Surrey Hills and we want to help equip as many of you as possible with the necessary skills to confidently navigate the challenges faced out on our roads safely, and be able to enjoy your riding and easily share the roads, in a conscientious manner, with all the other road users out there!


June Dates

What to expect from our Development Series

First series coming in May; Ride 1 - 1st May 7:30am, Ride 2 - 8th May 7:30am, Mechanic Evening - 13th May 7pm. *NOW SOLD OUT* Check out our June and July dates - now available to book!

Each Monthly Series is broken up into 3 sessions, as follows, two weekend rides with G!RO ride leaders and one mechanic workshop with G!RO head mechanic Danny.

In the series, we'll cover:

- Group Riding Basics

- Communicating in Groups on the road

- Courtesy to other road users

- Roadside Repairs

The team will be sharing skills and knowledge from these areas that we all wish we knew when we first started out, skills that will be invaluable out in the Surrey Hills and beyond for becoming a confident and comfortable road user and group rider on your bike! Especially as summer rapidly approaches, the weather improves, group rides restart, and roads get busier!

May dates are now full up, book now for June here, and July here!

Get in touch

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our upcoming development rides, get in contact with the G!RO team here!