We're super excited to be partnering with Masaka Cycling club in 2021!

Christmas 2020 we pledged a monthly donation on behalf of G!RO to support the Masaka Cycling Club - we want to use the power of our cycling community to help build this already flourishing and incredibly important, grass roots community. Not only this, we believe the Masaka Cycling Club to be the perfect blueprint for how this can become a global grass roots movement, where established cycling communities support and nurture, new communities that set out to be inclusive and champion equality for all - connecting those who may have never found cycling, with the sport we know and love! We believe the incredible community here at G!RO, is perfectly poised to support and champion the vision of this incredible club in Africa.


G!RO recently partnered with Ross Burrage from The Hidden Athlete Podcast to send over some cycling kit to Uganda to support the Masaka Cycling Club. Its an amazing initiative that we are proud and humbled to support in some small way, and you can support too. 

This project was created for Cycling Fans around the world to engage and mobilise some of the best male and female cyclists in Uganda. These athletes just happen to be born and based in the South, yet do not have access to equipment or opportunity due to their extreme level of poverty. This project may appear to be a Cycling Club on the surface, however, it is the underlying humanitarian elements that motivate donors the world over.

Masaka Cycling Club is located in the Masaka District approximately 3 hours drive South of the Ugandan Capital Kampala. The South of Uganda is a very poor region and sport in Masaka is quite suppressed in comparison to the opportunity that exists in Kampala and other East African Nations.

FUNDRAISING GOAL: $AUD20,000 per annum. 200 x $10.00 Recurring Monthly Donations. If this goal is exceeded the funds will be used to purchase top grade race bicycles rather than rely upon kind equipment donations. 200 Cycling Fans the world over will have the opportunity to give back and be involved in an incredible initiaitive.

PERFORMANCE GOAL: The club is fortunate enough to already have a group of elite quality riders plus 40 other hard working club male and female members with enormous potential. One rider is the 2016 Uganda National Champion. It is not unreasonable to expect this club to produce a professional level cyclist in the very near future. Our goal will be to create a pathway to a UCI Continental level roster……then it will be up to the rider to perform and express their elite talents to the world.

Please join us at G!RO & get behind this amazing project!! Donation Link Below. SUPPORT MASAKA FOR AS LITTLE AS ONE COFFEE A MONTH!!


Masaka Cycling Club 

Hidden Athlete Project 



G!RO Podcast with Ross Burrage