Workshop Coffee Beans - RETAIL

Workshop Coffee

G!RO proudly serve Workshop Coffee in the cafe, and now you can grab a bag for your perfect brew at home!! We can ship next day, so get stuck in. The roasts will change week to week depending on what coffee is in season. The current line up is below:

G!RO Espresso - LOS NARANJOS - Colombia

A velvety espresso with a rich, complex sweetness like maple syrup. Notes of fig, raisin & vanilla lead to a lingering, butterscotch finish.

DANCHE - Filter - Ethiopia

Densely packed with vibrant fruit notes, look for roasted peach & tinned pineapple. Aromas of dried violets & gingerbread linger in a super clean finish.

KIANG'OMBE AA - Filter - Kenya

Classic fruit tones of raspberry & blackberry drive a juicy cup. A dense honeyed sweetness grounds lavender-like florals & mild hints of cocoa & clove.


REFISA - Filter - Ethiopia 

Lemon curd & lychee aromatics lead to a soft, sweet cup, packed with flavours of peach tea & pomelo. Hints of cherry & star anise linger in the finish.

LOS CRISTALES - Filter - Colombia

Rich, fudgy sweetness dominates a fruity cup, with notes of strawberry jam, apple blossom & juicy cherries. A creamy mouthfeel leads to nutmeg in the finish. 

QUINDÍO - Decaffeinated Espresso - Colombia

A rich & satisfying espresso. Look for notes of dark chocolate, raspberry & dried papaya, leading to a clean, long-lasting finish.

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