Workshop Evenings with Danny! Roadside Repairs (December 15th - 6:30pm)


The perfect session for those of you looking to learn vital skills for incase the worst was to happen out on the road, or maybe you know what to do but need a refresher!

Whilst we can all do our best to avoid these problems with proper maintenance and care, sometimes luck runs out! In this December workshop evening, Danny will be teaching us everything you need to know about dealing with technical difficulties out on the road! Whether it's the classic old fashioned puncture, a winter riders nightmare, or something a bit more obscure, like a chain snapping. Danny will be running us through how to handle these annoying hiccups to otherwise enjoyable rides so you can get back to having a great time and getting home safely in no time.

These are sign up only sessions and always prove popular, so get yourself signed up today and come along for some incredibly valuable tips and tricks from our workshop wizard Danny, who will be dishing out this knowledge free of charge! 

If you have any questions before booking, drop us a line on ''

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