CC 700c Road Disc QR Fork

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CC 700c Classic Road Disc QR Fork - Tapered

Road disc is becoming a thing. How bout that! The Curve Cycling crew are huge advocates for disc brakes on road bikes given our adventure background.  We are happy to see they are fast becoming the prefered braking standard for many riders where safety, performance and reliable long distance adventuring are ranked high on their wish-lists. They enable the user to get more control of their bike over varied terrain and weather conditions. It also helps eliminate the risk associated with rim braking on carbon rims. It also helps that we can build road disc wheels as light as standard road clinchers in the vicinity of 1300g.

  • Great for: A huge range of riders wanting that sturdy safe feeling, with greater bike control. 
  • Not so great for: Regular bunch rides or large social rides. Why? Because they work so well that if you hit the skids in an emergency, it is impossible for following riders with standard caliper brakes to pull up as quickly as you. This could cause a pile up.
  • Suitable for road disc bikes with headtubes that allow the use of tapered steerer forks.
  • Presented in simple, toned down graphics this fork makes a perfect pairing with your Ti or Steel Road Disc bike.

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