Workshop Coffee Beans - RETAIL

Workshop Coffee

G!RO proudly serve Workshop Coffee in the cafe, and now you can grab a bag for your perfect brew at home!! We can ship next day, so get stuck in. The roasts will change week to week depending on what coffee is in season. The current line up is below:

G!RO Espresso - YACUANQUER ESPRESSO - Colombia

Like drinking a rich, chocolate brownie rippled through with caramel. This creamy bodied espresso with hints of red fruit is super satisfying & balanced.


EL POTRERO - Filter - Guatemala

Super soft, sweet & comforting, look for notes of greengages, chamomile & brown butter. Hints of honeysuckle & caramel linger in the finish.

PEÑA BLANCA - Filter - Guatemala

Juicy & slick, we’re getting flavours of bramble jelly, poached quince & custard creams. A clean, brisk finish reminds us of Darjeeling tea.

MUCHAGARA AB - Filter - Kenya

Tart & well structured. Expect an intense flavour of rhubarb & custard boiled sweets, complemented by notes of hibiscus, nectarine & blackcurrant.


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